Balasingam Murugaverl

Balasingam Murugaverl

  • Biographical Description

    • Cholorine Resistance Polyamide Reverse Osmosis Membrane

      • <div> Instrumental in developing a true chlorine resistant RO membrane.  </div>
      • <div> chemical structure property relationship of PA membranes. </div>
      • <div> synthesis of novel monomers. </div>

      Mass Spectrometry 

      • <div> Bioanalytical characterization: peptide-protein conjugates, SSB protein-DNA hetroconjugates, protein identification and profiling and DNA damage. </div>
      • <div> Synthetic polymer characterization: development of MALDI-TOF-MS methods for characterization membrane supports. </div>


  • Education


      Ph.D. - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, University of Denver; Denver, Colorado, May 1989.

      THESIS: a-Amino Anion Synthetic Equivalents.

      Developed a BIOMIMETIC synthetic method for the synthesis and elaboration of primary amines by reversible umpolung using imines.

      M.S. - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, University of Denver, June 1984.

      THESIS: Newer Chemistry of the Isomeric Benzoinphenylhydrazones.

      B.Sc. - Honors Degree in POLYMER CHEMISTRY.  Kingston University, Surrey, England, U.K., September 1980.

       Project: Hydroformylation of Alkenes Using a Rhodium Catalyst.


  • Professional Experience


      Lecturer/ Director of undergraduate laboratories/ Manager of Mass Spectrometry Facilities. University of Denver.  Jan. 97 to present.

      Research Assistant  Professor.  Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry, Colorado School of Mines.  June 1990 to July 1994 and Sep. 1995 to Dec. 1996. POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW.  June 1989 to May 1990.

      Instructor.   Red Rocks Community College, September 1994 to Dec. 1997.  Teaching courses in organic, and general chemistry.

      Research Consultant.  School of Pharmacy, University of Colorado.  July-Dec. 94 



      "Pioneer Award"

      • The University of Denver's most prestigious award given to individuals whose dedication to the university and its students is beyond measure.


      • Authored the "Solution Manual and Study Guide" to the text "Organic Chemistry" by Hornback, Brooks/Cole Publishing CO. 
    • Patent

      • <div> Newer chlorine resistant polyamide RO membrane </div>




      Excellent teaching and organizational skills.

      Mass Spectrometry of macro molecules.

      • <div> Extensive hands-on experience in all type of hyphenated MS techniques.  </div>

      Analytical method development for trace analysis of agrochemicals and metabolites using SFE, SFC, HPLC, CZE and GC

      Surface analysis techniques: SEM, XPS, AES, SIMS, and IR Microscopy

       Membrane technology and Molecular Modeling of polymers.

      Strong background in organic, analytical and polymer chemistry.

      Polymer characterization and synthesis

      Combinatorial techniques; SPPS, protein conjugates

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