• Hello! We're the BEE (Bodies, Eating, and Emotions) Lab here at University of Denver. We study disordered eating as a social justice issue. Our collective passion as a lab is to shine a light on and make sense of the many different types of oppression that fuel disordered eating like racism, sizeism, sexism, cissexism, ableism, classism, and healthism. Through our work, we hope to contribute compassionate research and studies back into the field of eating disorders and mental health more broadly.  

    Some topics and research that we continually focus on in this lab are:

    • Disordered eating in marginalized populations 
    • Anti-weight stigma
    • LGBTQ+ health
    • Body distress 
    • Social media + disordered eating/body distress
    • Trauma 
    • Alternative modes of healing disordered eating

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