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  • Our Most Recent Publications

  • Brownstone, L. M., Greene, A. K., Kelly, D. A., Maloul, E. K., Norling, H. N., Rockholm, R. H., & Izaguirre, C. M. (2022). “Are people thinking I'm a vector…because I’m fat?”: Cisgender experiences of body, eating, and identity during COVID-19. Body Image, 40, 256–266.

    Greene, A. K., Maloul, E., Kelly, D. A., Norling, H. N., & Brownstone, L. M. (2022). “An immaculate keeper of my social media feed”: Social media usage in body justice communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Media + Society, 8,  

    Greene, A. K. & Brownstone, L. M. 2021. “‘just a place to keep track of myself’: eating disorders, social media, and the quantified self” Feminist Media Studies. DOI: 10.1080/14680777.2021.1984272 

    Brownstone, L. M., Mihas, P., Butler, R. M., Maman, S., Mihas, P., Peterson, C., Bulik, C., & Bardone-Cone, M. (2021). Lived experience of subjective binge eating: An inductive thematic analysis. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 54, 2192–2205.

    Brownstone, L. M., Kelly, D. A., Maloul, E., Dinneen, J., Palazzolo, L. A., Raque, T. L., & Greene, A. (2021). “It’s just not comfortable to exist in a body:” Transgender/gender nonbinary individuals’ experiences of body and eating distress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. Advanced online publication.

    Brownstone, L. M., Kelly, D. A., Ko, S. J., Jasper, M. L., Sumlin, L., Hall, J., Anderson, E., & Goffredi, A. (2021). Dismantling weight stigma: A group intervention in a partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient eating disorder treatment program. Psychotherapy, 58, 282-287.

    Brownstone, L. M., DeRieux, J. E., Kelly, D. A., Sumlin, L. J., & Gaudiani, J. L. (2021). Body mass index requirements for gender affirming surgeries are not empirically based. Transgender Health, 6, 121-124.

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