Amy Kho

  • Biographical Description

    • Amy Wegner Kho is the Office Manager for the University Writing Program, which opened its doors in the fall of 2006. While balancing the department's budget, planning events, advising students, and assisting Doug Hesse, Kho is also teaching an occassional WRIT 1122 or WRIT 1133 course for DU's freshmen. Before coming to DU, Kho worked as an Associate Editor for the Western Livestock Journal, a weekly, national trade newspaper for the agriculture industry.

      Kho received her M.A. in English, from Boise State University in Idaho, where she also taught freshman composition.  Writing is a passion, and Kho has had several environmental, agricultural, and political articles published, and has recently published a literary non-fiction essay in Cream City Review.


      Kho attended law school at the University of Denver's Sturm College of Law. As an evening student, she learned a lot about time management as she juggled working full time, law school, and a family. She received her juris doctorate in December 2013.

  • Publications

    • What Lies Beneath Troubled Waters: The Determination of Navigable Rivers in PPL Montana, LLC  v. Montana. Case Note. 15.2 Univ. of Denver Water Law Review. (2012): 489-500. 

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