Anna Sher

Anna Sher

  • Books by Dr. Sher

    • Listen to Dr. Sher's TEDx talk on empowerment

      What Do Invasive Plants Have to Teach Us About Empowerment?

    • An Introduction to Conservation Biology
      An Introduction to Conservation Biology

      An Introduction to Conservation Biology, by Richard Primack and Anna Sher. Sinauer Associates Press 2016.

    • Tamarix book
      Tamarix book

      Dr. Sher and colleague Dr. Martin Quigley have edited the first ever volume devoted to the ecology of the genus Tamarix: A Case Study of Ecological Change in the American West.  It is available on Amazon and directly from Oxford University Press

    • Cover

      Best Management Practices (BMP) for Revegetation after Tamarisk Removal

    • Revegetation after Tamarisk Removal in the Upper Colorado River Basin Best Practices Manual.  A publication of DU, Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Department of the Interior.

    • Proceedings of the Applied Plant Conservation Training Program: Establishing Conservation Programs.  This is a publication of Denver Botanic Gardens and the United States Botanic Garden.

    • Order Dr. Sher's "Colorado Science and History" calendar here:

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