Adam Rovner

Adam Rovner

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    • I was born and raised in the United States, and completed my undergraduate studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Later, I lived in Israel for several years and became a naturalized citizen of that country. During my time in Israel I milked cows on a kibbutz, waited tables and managed an Italian restaurant in Jerusalem, served in the military as an educator and administrator, and completed my M.A. in comparative literature at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I later received my Ph.D. in comparative literature from Indiana University, where I further developed my expertise in Holocaust literature, Hebrew literature, and humor studies.

      Prior to coming to the University of Denver, I taught literature and narrative theory at the DigiPen Institute of Technology (Redmond, WA; 2003-2006), and was an assistant professor in the Department of Comparative Literature and Languages at Hofstra University and Director of the Hebrew program (Hempstead, NY; 2006-2008).

      I am now associate professor of English and Jewish literature in the Department of English and the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Denver. I also serve as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of English.

      My book, "In the Shadow of Zion: Promised Lands Before Israel" (NYU), was published in the fall of 2014 and has received several positive reviews. For more on my research see

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    • "No Land Without Heaven" documentary (Center for Jewish History--NYC)

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