• Math Transfer Credit Information

  • As Credit Transfer Specialist, I oversee the determination of mathematics course equivalency for courses transferred to DU from other institutions. This includes determination of whether or not a course satisfies the DU Common Curriculum Analytical Inquiry: the Natural and Physical World (AI:N) requirement.

  • DU Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policies

  • You can find the policy and other information about transfer credit at the following link on the registrar's website: http://www.du.edu/registrar/transfer-studyabroad/undertransferpolicy.html

    The University now has a Transfer Credit Approval Workflow that you can access through PioneerWeb to submit your official approval request. Access that form here: Transfer CourseWork Approval Form

    I am not authorized to make official determinations of credit-worthiness of your course, although I have familiarity with the policy and can help advise you as to how it might apply in your situation.  

    For questions about how to send and process transcripts and/or whether your course will satisfy the policy, you should consult the Transfer & Admission Coordinator at the Registrar.

  • Note About Instructional Methodologies

  • Note the Department of Mathematics (and I as the Credit Transfer Specialist) carefully scrutinize condensed-term and online course offerings at other institutions to verify that methodology and rigor are equivalents, as well as course instructional content, to the courses taught at DU.

    In particular, the department does not approve transfer credit equivalency for online courses without properly proctored examinations.

  • The Department of Mathematics will only approve courses from International Summer Schools in Asia if they satisfy the requirements of the registrar, which include a letter from the country's ministry of education as to the credit-worthiness of the course.

    If you want to take a course at an International Summer School program, you should work with the Registrar first and submit your review through the Transfer Coursework Approval System. I will access it through there.

  • Equivalence of Transferred Math Courses

  • For transfer students or current students with transfer credit earned prior to arriving at DU:

    If you are a transfer student or a current student with earned credit (grade of C or better) at another regionally accredited institution for a mathematics course, and you need to have that course evaluated for transfer credit equivalency, you may need to meet with me if the course has not previously been evaluated by DU, or if the course has already been transfered in and you have questions as to the assigned equivalent (or, for instance, if the course should have AI:N attributed to it). You can opt to either meet with me first, or you can initially submit your request through the Transfer CourseWork Request Form in PioneerWeb.

    Usually in order to evaluate a course for equivalency, I need a complete course syllabus with learning outcomes, meeting dates, textbook, and grade breakdown, as well as a link to the location where the course description appears on the school's web site. 


  • AI:N Approval for Transferred Courses

  • Usually, to assign AI:N credit, you should take a course which can be identified as an equivalent to a course listed as satisfying the AI:N requirement. A list of such courses is included at the Math department page: http://www.du.edu/nsm/departments/mathematics/coursesandadvising/ainaturalrequirement/index.html

  • Transfer Pre-Approval (Current Students)

  • If you are a current DU student who desires to take a mathematics course at another institution off-term (usually in summer) and transfer that course in, then you need to receive departmental pre-approval to transfer in that course, before you take it. These situations are a little tricky, so I recommend you meet with me before making plans in this direction, but you can decide to start the process through the Transfer CourseWork Request Form in PioneerWeb. I will use the information you provide so that I can determine the equivalency in this case.

    Be sure to consult the Undergraduate Transfer Policy listed on the registrar site (linked on the left), and that you've collected all the information you can about your intended course, in advance. Usually I need a complete course syllabus with learning outcomes, meeting dates, textbook, and grade breakdown, as well as a link to the location where the course description appears on the school's web site.

  • Study Abroad Pre-Approval

    Study Abroad Pre-Approvals are handled similarly to Transfer Pre-Approvals. I have observed that often selection of what mathematics course to take can be the greatest hurdle (especially for mathematics majors/minors), since foreign institutions have different curricula and prerequisite expectations. If you are in the process of selecting mathematics courses to take abroad, you should consult with me as well as your mathematics major/minor advisor as early as possible to be sure you make selections that are both equivalent and appropriate to help you continue in your mathematics coursework.

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