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    Fall 2018

    Tuesday and Friday, 8:00-9:50 pm, Sturm Hall 154

    Professor Dean Saitta

    This course introduces graduate students and advanced undergraduates to the intellectual perspectives, approaches, conceptual frameworks, and languages—i.e., the major paradigms—that characterize contemporary anthropology. The course will provide:

    (1) An overview of the history of anthropology and the socio-political contexts in which anthropological paradigms were developed,

    (2) Some intellectual tools with which to recognize and critically evaluate different intellectual approaches in anthropology,

    (3) An understanding of how and why anthropology has achieved its distinctive character as a social science, and

    (4) Direction for developing a Master’s thesis/exhibit/paper project or Undergraduate thesis project that's anchored by what you discover to be the most useful perspective or approach.

    Banner Image: Eyes of Margaret Mead, Samoa

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    Patterson Text
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  • Recommended Readings, Fall 2018

  • Harris Obituary, New York Times

  • Levi-Strauss Obituary, New York Times

  • Geertz Obituary, New York Times

  • Wolf Obituary, New York Times

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