Ashley Hanna

  • Biographical Description

    • Ashley-Marie V. Hanna, MSW, LCSW earned her BSW from the University of Missouri - Columbia in 2002 and her MSW from University of Missouri - St. Louis in 2004. She is a licensed clinical social worker and has worked in out-patient, in-home, in-patient and school based mental health settings. Her present research explores the intersections of race and immigrant/citizenship status. Her research interests include 1) the effects of immigration policies and practices on the well-being of unauthorized immigrants, persons in mixed-status families, and the larger Latino community, 2) the stress experienced by mixed-status Latino families due to the constant threat of detainment and/or deportation of unauthorized family members, and 3) disproportionalities and disparities in k-12 education. Her teaching interests include social work practice, clinical social work skills, school social work, qualitative research methods, social justice and issues of power, privilege and oppression.

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