• Field Projects

  • Yellowstone National Park Wolf Reintroduction

    Wyoming & Montana, USA

    • Documented and impacts of wolf reintroduction. 
    • Video Link
  • With Doug Smith, leader for the Wolf Restoration Project in Yellowstone

  • Drone Mapping of South China Karst Topography

    Guangxi, China

    • Generated DEM models.
    • Explored and documented ancient cave paintings
  • Equan Town, Guangxi, China

  • Karst Cave Funeral

    • Comprehensively documented six cave tombs’ sites and many hanging coffins sites.

    • Video Link
  • Guoli Cave Tombs, Guizhou, China

  • Sui Language

    • Studied and translated ancient Shui hand-copy scripts obtained from villages in Guizhou.

    • Video link
  • Sui Scripts

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