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    WRIT Large is an annual journal of undergraduate research and writing at DU. Begun in the winter of 2012, WRIT Large serves as a resource and teaching tool for our faculty, as well as a source of inspiration for students. Each year, DU students produce an exemplary array of academic writing across disciplines, and WRIT Large gives some of them an audience beyond their instructors and classmates. We are consistently impressed by the variety we see in student writing at DU: variety in the methods they employ, the theories that ground and prompt their thinking, the creativity they display in finding new ways to write about familiar and not-so-familiar topics.

  • Editorial Board for 2020-21

    April Chapman-Ludwig, Teaching Associate Professor
    David J. Daniels, Teaching Professor
    Heather N. Martin, Teaching Professor
    LP Picard, Teaching Associate Professor
    David Riche, Teaching Assistant Professor

    From the University Writing Program

  • Introduction to Volume 10

    When I first arrived at the University of Denver in August 2016 and set about settling into my new workspace, I happened to pass by a shelf of magazines outside my new office. At least, I thought they were just magazines. But upon closer inspection, I discovered to my delight that they were so much more. Each issue, featuring the title WRIT Large on a vibrant cover, introduced me to exceptional writing by DU undergraduates in a wide range of genres: memoirs, ethnographies, research arguments, and even contemplative essays (to name just a few).

    I quickly collected a copy of every issue I could find, starting with the inaugural one from 2012. I spent several hours at home that night reading about topics that reflect the interests and investments of our community, spanning from the ANWR controversy to the Calvin and Hobbes comic series to the political meanings of hair.

    Since that time, WRIT Large has changed me. Not only have I joined the editorial board, but I have also incorporated these exceptional pieces of undergraduate writing into my teaching. Whether we are discussing an essay about drag culture or Walsenburg, Colorado, I now encourage my students to see themselves in the texts that they are reading. To see themselves as writers whose work will resonate with their peers, their professors, their families, and their communities.

    If this is your first time reading WRIT Large, I implore you to spend some time with this writing. To spend some time with these writers. You will not be disappointed. You may even inspired to write something incredible. And if you do, don’t be afraid to share it.

    — David Riche
    Teaching Assistant Professor
    University Writing Program

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