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    WRIT Large is an annual journal of undergraduate research and writing at DU. Begun in the winter of 2012, WRIT Large serves as a resource and teaching tool for our faculty, as well as a source of inspiration for students. Each year, DU students produce an exemplary array of academic writing across disciplines, and WRIT Large gives some of them an audience beyond their instructors and classmates. We are consistently impressed by the variety we see in student writing at DU: variety in the methods they employ, the theories that ground and prompt their thinking, the creativity they display in finding new ways to write about familiar and not-so-familiar topics.

  • "Experimental Writing" (Volume 8.4)

  • Introduction to Volume 8 (Issue 4)

    When we think of the ‘college essay’ as a genre, many of us think of a traditional form, perhaps containing five paragraphs, very carefully sculpted, with a rigid sense of evidence to substantiate our claims. This is how most of us were trained to write, after all. So, it may surprise contemporary readers to learn that the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne (considered by most to have invented ‘the essay’ as a form) wrote quite wildly, with digressions and interruptions, mixing personal anecdotes with far-ranging musings. Montaigne was, if nothing else, experimental at the core.

    The students featured in this issue of WRIT Large carry on this rich tradition of experiment, in essays that reinvent what’s possible. Crosby-Attipoe takes as her cue David Foster Wallace’s famous essay “Consider the Lobster,” integrating footnotes into the landscape of her argument, while Aiello borrows the list-form of Susan Sontag’s “Notes on ‘Camp’.” Finally, Kohl invents a form entirely her own, in prose that reads as much as poetry at times, mixing scientific proof with personal reflection. In total, these essays reveal that the ‘college essay’ knows no limits.

    — David J. Daniels
    Teaching Professor
    University Writing Program

  • "Media in Our Lives" (Volume 8.3)

  • "Writing About Education" (Volume 8.2)
  • "Writing the Self" (Volume 8.1)
  • Introduction to Volume 8

    When a group of DU Writing Program faculty conceived of publishing WRIT Large in the fall of 2011, we envisioned a space to celebrate undergraduate writing and research, both from our own WRIT classes and in the writing students engage in across campus and beyond. Over the last 7 years and 7 volumes of WRIT Large, the faculty editors have worked with 63 student authors and 19 student editors in our efforts to make student writing more visible on the DU campus. In the process, we have collectively created a robust archive of outstanding student work, mostly in the form of a print journal.

    This year, we want to reflect back and call attention to some of our favorite writing from the volumes we’ve published so far. In the coming months, we will showcase a trio of essays focusing on a theme we saw emerging from our pages.

  • Editorial Board

    April Chapman-Ludwig, Teaching Assistant Professor
    David J. Daniels, Teaching Professor
    Megan J. Kelly, Teaching Associate Professor
    Heather N. Martin, Teaching Professor
    Juli Parrish, Teaching Professor
    LP Picard, Teaching Associate Professor

    From the University Writing Program

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