• Our Mission

  • We are team of three Mechanical Engineers from University of Denver devoted to making the world cleaner and greener. We hope to not only develop a way to clean air in cities, but to raise awareness in others with the current global threat we are facing. Carbon emissions are poluting our air and destroying our planet. The recent UN climate report bolstered our worst fear and gave a 10-12 year deadline to reverse world carbon emmisions.  Our goal is to make an impact in both the environment, as well as social awareness about carbon emissions and polution. The following pages will take the reader through our journey to find a solution to a massive problem in our society and the world today. 

  • Meet The Team

  • Noah Rimblas
    Noah Rimblas

    Hello everyone!  I am a senior Mechanical Engineering student here at the University of Denver.  I am from Los Angeles, California, but have lived in Littleton, Colorado most of my life.  My interest in math and science began heavily in highschool where it led me to the University of Denver to persue an education in engineering.  As engineers, we are responsible for solving some of the world's largest problems.  Today, one of the largest, possibly most detrimental, worldly problems is climate change concerning global warming.  This project grabbed my attention in a way that will allow me and my team to make a difference in the DU community by incorporating greenery into urban settings such as on roofs and inside buildings.  

  • Chase Cabral
    Chase Cabral

    Howdy! My name is Chase and I am a senior Mechanical Engineer at DU. I was originally born in Nevada but was raised in Kansas my whole life. As a child I have always had a heavy interest in technology and innovation. I joined my highschool's youth STEM program called Project Lead the Way which really change the way I think about engineering before I left for college. After four years of beginner engineering courses in highschool, I knew that engineering was the path for me. Solving problems using math and science, as well as helping others, are the two driving factors in my life today.

    Gardening and plant life have always been a hobby of mine, as I have grown various succulents since I was around 10 years old. My father also owned his own yard design and yard care company back in Kansas which is where most of my plant experience comes from. I am proud to be a part of this project and use my skills to further develop our modular vegitation designs not only to provide cleaner air for the greater Denver area, but also to share the love that comes with growing plants without the worry of killing them.

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