• DU Health Initiative

  • Health Foods Access, Education, and Exploration

    Attending college is an exciting and big transition for students. They are introduced to a new environement, new community, and new lifestyle. They are no longer living at home with a structured day to day high school schedule and they don't have anyone monitoring their diet, encouraging healthy eating. This lack of structure as a Freshman can lead to developing bad habits of staying up late, neglecting studies, making unhealthy eating choices, endulging in late-night at the dining halls, and making up excuses to not exercise.

    From recognizing a pattern of developed and engrained wellness routines being shattered during students early years in college, even with the various resources and support systems in place, we were inspired to see what we could do to facility a healthier lifestyle for DU students.

    This portfolio outlines and documents our journey and dream to implement a Mind-Body Connection Program. We ultimately hope to integrate a culture and atmosphere of wholesome healthy lifestyles here at DU.

  • To engage the student body and bring an exciting, fun and unique element to living a healthy lifestyle, imbeded in the Mind Body Connection Program is a "Lucky Duck" model. The Lucky Duck model is a theme to motivate students to get involved in the program by offering random ways to earn a free product. When an event is hosted, participants unknwingly following a random theme will be chosen as Lucky Ducks! The theme could be as easy as wearing green shoes, but winners won’t know why they received a free item until the theme has been announced after the event has concluded. By introducing an element of randomness as well as offering free products, we hope to engage the student body and create a fun spirit around eating healthy and exercising.


  • As you peruse the Mind Body Connection portfolio, you will be able to find the various methods, research, brainstorming and experiments we have deployed in order journey that brought us to the creation of our program. Our journey includes various business to business interviews, student outreach, conversations with DU's sustainability department and Sodexo, outreach to healthy food caterers, research into DU's gym usage data, avenues for funding our initiative, and more!



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