• Who we are

  • Graduate Student Parents

    Graduate student parents in this context are defined as students who are responsible for parenting children, biological or adopted of diverse ages; OR intend to be parents during their studies.

    While the initial idea targeted students in the Research Methods and Information Science Department, housed under the Morgridge College of Education, this group is intended to benefit any student who identifies as a parent at the University of Denver.  

  • What we are about

  • Overarching Goal

    To provide an avenue for graduate student parents to support and assist each other with navigating the demands of graduate school and graduate studies as parents while raising awareness about the experiences of graduate students who identify as parents at DU. 

  • Group's Vision

    To provide a safe space for graduate student parents to share and deliberate on the responsibilities of parenting while in graduate school by staying connected to each other, while supporting, and learning from one other.

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