• We are all connected by water. Water has shaped the world we live in, creating landscapes and nourishing ecosystems. Water has also shaped mankind - where and how we tie our roots, how we interact with others using the same water resources. The structure and identity of modern societies are intricately tied to water, a resource which brings life to communities, both biologically and spiritually. Water is critically important for every single person, and the larger we grow as a world, the more water we need. This can be problematic, given the finite nature of water resources. But water also offers the opportunity to bring people together over a shared interest. Together, we can brainstorm creative and innovative solutions to sustainable water systems.

    Inspired by the power of water, I have devoted my career to understanding such solutions. I have researched how water intersects with people both locally and around the world. I have worked within many of various facets of water management systems, and have viewed water from many perspectives. My current research is focused on one sustainable solution in particular: Water literacy. This is the concept that water-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors can lead to more sustainable management of water resources while also promoting true community engagement within these processes. 

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