• Professional Philosophy

  • My profession has got to be one of the most satisfying, noblest, and enjoyable. While I admit that I came to librarianship because I loved to read, I quickly found that connecting people with ideas, helping people grow their own ideas, and participating in the transformation of learning are the reasons I have stayed in the profession, teach, conduct research, and serve my communities.

  • Courses

  • Courses I Teach

    I regularly teach two of the MLIS required courses:  LIS 4040 Management of Information Organization course, and LIS 4000 Foundations of Library, Archival, and Information Science. In Winter 2018, I'm teaching LIS 4910 Culminating Internship (one of the two options for degree requirements), and LIS 4700 Career Preparation (2 credits) and LIS 4700 Writing for Publication (1 credit). In the Autumn 2017 quarter, I taught a special topics course, LIS 4700 Privilege and Equity.

  • LIS 4000 Foundations of Library, Archival, and Information Science Au 2017

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