• Thinking about Animals

    I really think we need to pay more attention to the elephant in the room when it comes to human-animal-relations: We are animals, too, special and powerful animals, yet dependent on the rest of the animal kingdom no less. 


  • Thinking with Animals

    I am grateful for being able to live with and provide for three rescue dogs, one of whom has ample experience with academic philosophy in his own right: Doktor Humphrey Stumpfkorn. His areas of expertise, we believe, are stoicism, anti-authoritarianism and feline studies.

  • Thinking for Animals

    Norman Ben Goof joined the team shortly before the first lockdown in the UK and is a newcomer to intellectual affairs. We expect, however, important advances in game theory, confronting implicit bias and trauma from him.


    And then came Spud von Ratzky - a surprise in many ways, he has taught us a lot already, not least about humans. 

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