• As a Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish, I teach and develop Spanish courses that meet students' diverse academic interests, taking into consideration the fact that Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the U.S. Additionally, as Director of the Spanish Program for Heritage Speakers, I work with students who have a important personal, familial or community connections to the Spanish language and are interested in furthering their unique skills as part of their academic trajectory.

    I joined the Department of Languages & Literature at DU in the Fall of 2018, and have since lead curricular efforts to develop courses for Spanish heritage speakers. I am an educator and researcher at the intersection of Spanish Sociolinguistics and Education, interested in issues around bilingual/heritage language education and teacher training, academic language and literacy for linguistically diverse student communities and topics surrounding Spanish in the US.

  • Lina M. Reznicek-Parrado
    Spanish Teaching Professor
    Director, Spanish Program for Heritage Speakers

    Department of
    University of Denver
    2000 E. Asbury Ln
    Denver, CO 80208




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