Teaching in Internationally-Diverse Classrooms

Teaching in Internationally-Diverse Classrooms

  • Internationalization Summit Workshop

    • Facilitating Integration in Internationally Diverse Classrooms
      Facilitating Integration in Internationally Diverse Classrooms

      With the inevitable enrollment fluctuations that come with changes in government policies, faculty must ask themselves hard questions about our roles as educators, and we must find meaningful ways for students, and international students specifically, to feel welcome, connected and involved in our work. This roundtable discussion invites faculty to consider ways of engaging both domestic and international students in the two-way process of cultural integration. Class topics, choices of teaching methods, and even room arrangements can all significantly affect this integration process. Facilitators will share strategies that they have discussed as members of a year-long learning community on teaching in internationally-diverse classrooms, and session participants will also be invited to share their own ideas.

  • Diversity Summit Presentation

    • This workshop highlighted the use of story telling in an effort to help build community in classrooms where students from diverse U.S. and international backgrounds. Using a world café style format, members of a multi-departmental Faculty Learning Community on teaching in internationally diverse classrooms and workshop attendees shared stories from their individual unique backgrounds. They also discussed and shared strategies that encourage greater participation from students for whom English is a second language and that foster deeper appreciation and connection between students of different backgrounds.

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