• Affinity Groups on Campus

  • University of Denver Organizations

    Faculty of Color Alliance (FOCA)
    Committed to advancing the Inclusive Excellence mission of the institution, FOCA will play a significant role in how the University utilizes its power and institutional authority to address race and racism as complex cultural constructs at the individual and collective level that impact economic, political and policy dynamics of the institution and larger society.

    Staff of Color Association (SOCA)
    The mission of the Staff of Color Association (SOCA) is to create a supportive community for promoting personal and professional growth through shared experiences, resources, and strategies for staff of color.

    Women's Coalition
    The Women's Coalition is the umbrella organization to which all University of Denver women's groups belong. We promote information sharing between groups to further the status of women on the DU campus.

    • Association of Sisters in Higher Education (ASHE)
      The mission of the ASHE is to support, empower, and mentor Black women at the University of Denver by honoring who we are through cultural fellowship, enrichment, and an exchange of ideas. The group is not exclusive to black women; therefore we value and welcome all women faculty and staff at the University of Denver. However, the core focus of group discussions, activities, and initiatives will be issues that are germane to black women.

    • Faculty Women's Association(FWA)
      The FWA extends members to all faculty, tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure track and adjunct. Objectives include: providing a support network to all faculty women in the campus community; sponsoring programs concerned with professional development; disseminating information about University practices and policies vital to faculty women's interests.

    • Graduate Women's Council (GWC)
      The Graduate Women's Council contributes to the holistic development of the University of Denver community through empowering women, providing leadership opportunities, and fostering an environment conducive to equal representation in higher education.

    • Sistah Network
      The Sistah Network is committed to helping Black women who are graduate students at the University of Denver contend with the pervasive challenges they face related to graduate student socialization and academic persistence. The Network meets 2-3 times per quarter; and membership is open to anyone, though its organizational priorities and aims are fixed.

    • Undergraduate Women's Council (UWC)
      The Undergraduate Women's Council provides a medium for discussion and support in areas that affect DU undergraduate women. Objectives include: supporting undergraduate women at DU;  focusing on health and safety issues, education and classroom issues, and empowerment.

    • Women's Leadership Council (WLC)
      The Women’s Leadership Council includes women serving on the Deans’ Council, in the Provost’s Office, and in executive roles at the University of Denver. This group seeks to use its unique influence to: engage the campus and its leadership on strategic issues relating to women; advocate for women’s opportunities and issues across campus; and build relationships on and off campus to foster mentorship and professional development for women at the University of Denver.

    • Women's Staff Alliance for Networking and Development (WAND)
      WAND is committed to helping staff women at the University of Denver achieve their highest potential as employees by means of advocacy, education, development, networking, and leadership. WAND provides a safe forum for discussing concerns and ideas while supporting the mission of the university.

    Queer University Employees (QUE)
    An organization for all LGBTIQA DU employees who promote a welcoming and affirming university community. QUE meets for social, service, networking, advocacy, and educational opportunities. For more information, contact our office.

    Queer Faculty Association (QFA)
    QFA supports LGBTQ and questioning-identified faculty on campus through advocacy, scholarship, and social networking. QFA works to connect queer faculty across the university and ensure that DU is an affirming space for all queer students, staff, and faculty. The focus of meetings varies from discussing issues related to teaching challenges facing queer faculty; sharing queer studies research; holding social potlucks; and developing queer-friendly policies for tenure and promotion. QFA also values and supports the work of queer allies and queer staff on campus and at various times plans meetings or events to connect with them.


  • GSSW Organizations

    Shades of Brown Alliance (SOBA)
    SOBA is a student organization that strives to offer a "safe place", supportive, and encouraging environment for all individuals of color, allies, staff, faculty, and alumni of GSSW to learn, voice, escape, mature and positively confront and address the issues people of color experience as a part of the GSSW experience.  Contact at SOBA@du.edu.

    Queer Equality Alliance (QEA)
    QEA strives to create a supportive and inclusive LGBTQIA community within GSSW and DU. We are committed to shedding light on issues faced by The LGBTQIA Community to reach a socially just Denver. We will work toward creating alliances within the Denver Metro area grassroots movements and other advocacy groups.



  • Committees

    Culture and Climate Committee

    The “culture and climate initiative” builds on feedback and ideas generated during the fall Community of the Whole retreat and reflects consultation with many of you as well as leaders across the university. The initiative is also informed by continued reports of attitudes and behaviors that are antithetical to our equity mission.

    Contact: hope.wisneski@du.edu 


    Inclusive Excellence Committee

    Contact and mission information located on Home tab.


    John Evans Study Committee

    This committee inquired into the nature of John Evans’ involvement in the political and economic processes that led to the appropriation of Indian Lands in Colorado and, more specifically, to the 1864 killing of Cheyenne and Arapahoe villagers at Sand Creek.  Learn more here.

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