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  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles 

    Dinko, Dinko Hanaan. (2021) Scale Matters: A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Freshwater Conflicts from 1900-2019. Water Resources Management, no. 0123456789.

    Kansanga, M. M., Dinko, D. H., Nyantakyi-Frimpong, H., Arku, G., & Luginaah, I. (2021). Scalar politics and black-markets: the political ecology of persistent illegal rosewood logging in Ghana. Geoforum, 119(January), 83–93.

    Dinko, H. D., Yaro, J., & Kusimi, J. (2018). Political ecology and contours of vulnerability to water insecurity in semiarid North-eastern Ghana. Journal of Asian and African Studies.



    China’s ‘mask diplomacy’ wins influence across Africa, during and after the pandemic

    Food crisis could hit after battle against Covid-19 is won

    Food crisis could hit Ghana in the aftermath of coronavirus pandemic



    Dinko, D. H. (2014). The Socio-Economic and Health Impacts of Urban Water Stress : a Case Study of Ledzorkuku-Krowor Municipality. University of Ghana.

    Dinko, D. H. (2017). Climate change and variability and water insecurity in the sudan savannah zone of Ghana: the case of Garu-Tempane. Universty of Ghana.

    Dinko, H. D., Haider, S., & Stevens, L. (2016). Climate change and food security in the developing world: Insights from Ghana and Pakistan Dinko. Department of Geography and Sociology, University of Oslo, Oslo.

    Conference presentations  

    Dinko, H. D. (2018). Securitisation of water resource management in Ghana: Debating an emerging paradigm A poster presented presented at the water security and climate change conference held from  3rd to 5th December, 2018, Nairobi, Kenya, organized by the ITT and the Kenyatta University within the framework of CNRD project.

    Dinko, H. D. (2017). Global climate change and water insecurity in Semiarid North-eastern Ghana. A Paper presented at the ESDA Sustainable Development Research Workshop Series (1) held from 26th-28st July, 2017, Accra, Ghana, organized by the ESDA Project- Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (ESDA-SIRDA, supported by: ESDA, Secretariat, United Nations University-IAS, Tokyo

    Dinko, H. D. (2017). Contestations and emerging power constellations: narratives of global climate change and water insecurity in semiarid north-eastern Ghana. A Paper presented at the water security and climate change conference held from 18th-21st September, 2017, Cologne Germany, organized by the ITT and the TH Cologne within the framework of CNRD project.  

    Dinko, H. D. (2016). Theory and practice: Changing faces of rural development policy in Ghana from 1957-2007. Presented at the 2016 School of Social Sciences International Conference held on 14thand 15th April, 2016 at the ISSER conference room in Accra, Ghana on the theme: “The Social Sciences, Good Governance and Sustainable Development Goals.” Organised by the School of Social Sciences, University of Ghana.

    Policy documents

    Validation workshop on the Technical Assistance in Environment and Natural Resources Management in Rwanda, from 29th  November -4th  December, 2017 at Rubeus, Rwanda

    Stakeholder engagement workshop on the draft National Wetland Management Plan for Rwanda, from 10th-11th October, 2017 at Kigali, Rwanda

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