• Welcome!

    • On behalf of the Higher Education Student Association, I would like to welcome you to our portfolio site.  Our site serves as a resource for all students in the Higher Education Program of the Morgridge College of Education.  In keeping with the mission for the Morgridge College of Education, we as students seek to be change agents who contribute to field of higher education and to the students we serve.  By embodying the spirit of education and inclusive excellence, HESA works to provide meaningful experiences for all of our students in both the Master?s and Doctoral programs.

      We invite you to join us in creating positive and meaningful professional development, program socials, and community engagement opportunities, and we look forward to getting to know you throughout the upcoming school year!


      Stacey Stevens

      2013-2014 HESA President

  • About Us

    • The Higher Education Student Association (HESA) provides an educational, professional, and social base for students interested in the field of higher education. Activities of the organization encourage and enhance all facets of graduate student growth and development and provide an opportunity to engage in collegial and social relationships with faculty, peers, and experts in the field.

      Our organizational goals for this year are designed to serve the needs of the Higher Education students at DU including:

      • Partnering with faculty, staff, and students in order to deliver unique and meaningful services.
      • Meeting the academic, professional, and personal development needs of Masters and Doctoral students.
      • Acting as a liaison between students, faculty, and staff throughout the year.
      • Building stronger bridges with the Morgridge College of Education (MCE), the College of Education Student Association (COESA), and the DU community. 
  • Morgridge College of Education Mission & Vision

    • Mission

      The Morgridge College of Education’s mission is to be a force for positive change in the lives of individuals, organizations and communities through unleashing the power of learning.

      We accomplish our mission in four ways:

      • Through preparing highly competent, socially responsible, ethical and caring professionals to promote learning in diverse settings
      • Through actively reaching out beyond our College to engage in learning partnerships with others
      • Through contributing high-quality research to our respective fields
      • Through modeling excellence in all of our own educational programs


      The Morgridge College of Education will be a global leader in innovative and effective approaches for promoting learning throughout the lifespan.

      Transcending traditional ideas about education and schooling, we will embrace a new, comprehensive vision of learning as a lifelong activity that involves the whole person and can occur through a variety of methods, anywhere and at any time.

      We will promote educational change and social equity and will provide leadership for the improvement of education, mental health and information services and systems.

  • HESA Officers

    • Advisor - Dr. Ryan Gildersleeve

      President - Stacey Stevens

      Vice President/Treasurer - Betsy Harper

      Secretary/Communications Chair - Bridget Wetzel

      Masters Representative - Ryan Cook

      Doctoral Representative - Sarah Blizzard

      Professional Development Chair - Emma Byers

      Community Engagemetn Chair - Diana Madriz

      Special Projects Co-Chair – Lauren Fedor

      Special Projects Co-Chair – Varaxy Yi


  • 2013-2014 Important Documents

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