• Courses Taught at DU

    Academic Year 20-21:

    • GEOG3140: GIS Database Design. 2020 Fall. [Synchronous online due to COVID-19]. 14 students. Topics: relational model, relational database, spatial database, geodatabase, SQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS.  


    • GEOG2100: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS). 2020 Spring. [Synchronous/asynchronous online due to COVID-19]. 20 students. Topics: georeferencing, map projections, raster data model, vector data model, spatial data collection, attribute/spatial queries, overlay, map algebra, etc.  
    • GEOG3120: Environmental/GIS Modeling. 2020 Winter. [New course]. 10 students. Topics: kernel density estimation, kriging, digital soil mapping, species distribution modeling, geographically weighted regression.
    • GEOG2000: Geographic Statistics. 2020 Winter. 18 students. Topics: descriptive statistics, probability, sampling, inferential statistics, correlation and regression, categorical data analysis.
    • GEOG3140: GIS Database Design. 2019 Fall. 8 students. Topics: topics as above.


    • GEOG2000: Geographic Statistics. 2019 Winter. 17 students. Topics: topics as above.
    • GEOG3140: GIS Database Design. 2018 Fall. 16 students. Topics: topics as above.

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