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  • Professional Experiences

    09/2018 - now: Assistant Professor, Department of Geography & the Environment, University of Denver.

    09/2013 - 05/2018: Graduate Teaching Assistant / Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Education Background

    2018 PhD, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
    2016 MS, Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
    2013 MS, Geographic Information Science, Beijing Normal University, China
    2010 BS, Geographic Information Science, Beijing Normal University, China

  • Research Interests

    GIScience; Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), Geospatial Big Data Analytics, Predictive Mapping (of species habitat, soil, etc.), High-Performance/Cloud Geocomputing.

    My research falls in geospatial big data analytics. I am particularly interested in VGI and its applications. VGI has been an important source of geospatial big data. However, it suffers from certain data quality issues in analysis (e.g., spatial bias). My research focuses on mitigating spatial bias in VGI (and other non-traditional data) to improve the quality of inferences made from them. In addition, geospatial big data (e.g., VGI) is often massive, it is urgent to address the computational challenges facing geospatial big data analysis. A side-line of my research focuses on developing algorithmic optimizations and utilizing cutting-edge computing technologies (e.g., high-performance computing) to support geospatial big data analytics.

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