• COVID-19 Career Resources

  • Every quarter graduating students are anxious about their job search.  This quarter presents additional challenges, therefore, the following resources have been highlighted to specifically help you search during this time.

  • Career Resources

  • Navigating your career contains twists and turns.  It includes navigating obstacles & road blocks, while appreciating stops along the way.  Career Services is here to help you plan your career itinerary and help you reach your destination

  • Fellowship Experiences

    Post-graduate fellowships can offer additional insight and experience, while providing a way to network and begin working with an organization.  

  • Research Opportunities

    GSSW students are able to assist with a research project(s), in partnership with faculty and research partners.

  • Webinars

    GSSW recorded career events, captured to provide additional opportunities for students & alumni to network and gain insight into the social work industry, as well as, career readiness skill development.  

  • Licensure

  • For information about social work licensure please visit the Licensure tab.

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