Dual Degrees (Denver Program Only)


  • Information about dual degree programs can be found on the following sites.  Contact Karen Bensen with any questions at Karen.Bensen@du.edu

           GSSW Interdisciplinary Graduate Degrees
          University of Denver Graduate Degree Programs


  • Formal Duals

    With fully developed and approved curricula, these programs are available to graduate students who are admitted to both schools and submit the Dual Degree Approval Form during the program's first term. For program details, please contact the school, college or department.

          Formal Graduate Dual Degree Application


  • Flexible Duals

    Propose any combination of two master's degrees or one master's degree and one Juris Doctor degree for a flexible dual degree program tailored to your career goals. For more information, read the  Dual Degree policy or view the full policy and submit your proposed program by downloading the Flexible Dual Degree Form.

           Flexible Dual Degree Application

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