Steps to Become a Licensed Social Worker (LSW)

  • Some social workers choose to obtain their LSW and work with this credential in non-therapeutic settings.  The LSW can also be the first step toward obtaining the LCSW, to be used in clinical settings. 

    All forms/instructions for DORA can be found here.

    Steps to obtain LSW:

    Step ONE: Complete all MSW coursework & field requirements.  Obtain proof of your degree with either an official final transcript or a Certification of Masters Education form (signed off by the GSSW Registrar).

    Step TWO:  Apply to take the GENERAL/MASTERS exam through ASWB.  ASWB will confirm your eligibility to take the exam via email.

    Step THREE: Schedule, take and pass the GENERAL/MASTERS exam through a Pearson Testing Center, as directed by ASWB.  

    Step FOUR: Take and pass The Colorado Mental Health Jurisprudence Examination which assesses knowledge and understanding of laws and regulations set forth in Part 1 (Legislative Declaration) and Part 2 (General Provisions) of the State of Colorado Mental Health Statutes. The only thing that you can do prior to graduation is complete the Juris Prudence Exam. Keep in mind that your exam will expire after 1 year.  Register for the exam.  (Note:  Some students will take this exam prior to graduation, as it is the only part of the process that can be done graduation.  The exam will expire after 1 year & you need to have an active JP exam at the time your Register with Dora, Step five.) 

    Step FIVE:  Register with DORA (Note: You will need a copy of your official/final transcript OR a signed letter from the GSSW Registrar, proof of passing your Juris Prudence Exam & your LSW licensure exam.)  You will need to pay the fee.  DORA will then give you your LSW license number.

    Step SIX (optional):  Follow the steps to LCSW, if you chose to work in a clinical setting.

    NOTE:  Please keep in mind that no school has control over licensure regulations, it is important to continue to be connected to DORA the regulatory body for any updates. 


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