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    Description:  Forensic social workers play a pivotal role in diagnosing individuals within the criminal justice system (person who resulted in an arrest, juvenile detention, civil or criminal court, etc.), making recommendations about mental status, serving as expert witness, and referring defendants to community resources.  They use their expertise to provide consultation, advocacy, and training to law enforcement and legal interdisciplinary teams. 

    Typical Career path:  MSW - LSW/SWC - LCSW positions

    Sample/Related Job Titles: Forensic Social Worker, Co-Responder, Probation Officer, Correctional Counselor/Social Worker, Juvenile Probation Officer, Probation Counselor, Correctional Social Worker, Correctional Specialist, Forensic Specialist, Case Manager.

    Licensure: A license is often required for entry-level positions.  Graduates should consider obtaining their LSW (or SWC) & LCSW as soon as possible for job eligibility and promotion. More information is available on the Licensure tab.  *Note if you are a non-Colorado social worker, see the Licensure tab for your state licensure requirements.


    • NASW (National Association of Social Workers) - NASW & Co-Chapter
    • NOFSW (National Organization of Forensic Social Work) - NOFSW
    • CSCSW (Colorado Society for Clinical Social Work) - CSCSW *Learn about CSCSW in this  Video

    LinkedIn Groups – Virtual networking forums and groups certainly provide value within corporate enterprises.  Consider following several groups for trends, networking opportunities, job connections, and more!

    • National Association of Social Workers – NASW’s Official Group
    • University of Denver:  Graduate School of Social Work

    Salary Statistics:  

    There are several salary scales available online; however, these resources are recommended.

    Additional salary tools that can assist from a specific agency or organization, for instance:

    • PCO – DU/GSSW Career Platform contains employer & salary information reported from GSSW graduates
    • LinkedIn - Salary Finder

    Job Boards: There are several job boards; however, these are some that are often used within this career field including:

    Video Resources

       Video  Forensic Social Worker_Feb 2021 - Forensic social workers play a critical role working helping victims of crimes by assisting their clients understand their rights and navigate the legal system. From advocacy and crisis interventions to assessment and policy development, forensic social work is a growing area of the profession.  Join this event to network with Alumni working in various areas of this field.

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