• Description:  Corporate social workers take on many roles, from helping employees manage the demands of work, life, and mental health issues to helping companies build positive relationships with their communities. The work within public and private corporations within industries such as construction, technology, and banking.  They use their social work lens in areas such as Employee Assistance Programs, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Human Resources, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

    Typical Career path:  This is considered a non-traditional career path for social workers, therefore most positions will not hold the typical “social work” titles.  It is critical to keep in mind the marketing of your transferrable skills to be in line with expectations in a corporate setting.  Persistence and networking will be important as you speak with hiring managers unfamiliar with your skillset. 

    Sample Job Titles: Change Management Specialist, Corporate Social Responsibility, Employee Assistance Program staff, Community Outreach Manager, Corporate Philanthropy Manager, Equal Employment and Alternative Dispute Resolution Manager, Human Resource Specialist/Generalist, Diversity – Equity – Inclusion Coordinator/Officer/Manager/Director, DEI Analyst, Diversity Trainer/Consultant, Employment Equity Manager, People Operations.

    Licensure & Training:

    An LSW license is helpful but often not required for entry-level positions.  Graduates should consider obtaining their LSW (or SWC) & LCSW as soon as possible for job eligibility and promotion.  You will most likely need to find an LCSW Supervisor independently, seeing you may be one of the only social workers within the organization.  GSSW provides some supervision resources within the Licensure tab.  *Note if you are a non-Colorado social worker, see the Licensure tab for your state licensure requirements.

    Some individuals consider a GSSW/MBA dual degree or additional training to elevate and align their social work and business skillsets.  For instance, within the University of Denver community consider:

    • University of Denver GSSW/MBA Dual Degree
    • Daniels School of Business - High-Performance Leadership
    • Equity Labs, GSSW


    LinkedIn Groups – Virtual networking forums and groups certainly provide value within corporate enterprises.  Consider following several groups for trends, networking opportunities, job connections, and more!

    • Linked: HR
    • HR Jobs and Ideas
    • Human Resources Professionals
    • SPHR Network- Human Resources
    • Learning & Development Professionals

    Salary Statistics:  

    There are several salary scales available online; however, these resources are recommended.

    Additional salary tools that can assist from a specific agency or organization, for instance:

    • PCO – DU/GSSW Career Platform contains employer & salary information reported from GSSW graduates
    • LinkedIn - Salary Finder

    Job Boards: There are several job boards; however, these are some that are often used within this career field including:

    Company research:  One thing to consider in working within a corporate environment is if you feel you have a cultural fit with the organization.  Look for CIVIC-minded organizations that connect social work-driven professionals to organizations involved in philanthropic or civic good.

    • B:CIVIC - is the only organization in Colorado focused on professionals and business leaders in for-profit companies who are as passionate about giving back as they are about growing successful companies.   Check out the "CIVIC 50" in Colorado.
    • Energize Colorado, Resource Compass - The Resource Compass allows you to locate projects & companies based on industry or interest throughout Colorado.
    • The Lion Project - Connects  3 pillars of society: the business community, the nonprofit sector, and creatives.  They leverage the expertise and capital of businesses to create a powerful voice for the silent heroes of the nonprofit world.

    Video Resources

      Social Workers as CEOs, Alumni Panel Discussion - Event Recording

       Non-Traditional Social Work Careers, Alumni Panel Discussion - Event Recording

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