Launch Your Future: Job search & Interview Strategies


  • Job Search

    From organizing your search and finding opportunities, to planning for the interview and following up afterward.  Successful searches are strategized!   

     Video Resource: Job Search Strategies Quick Overview & Job Search Strategy Workshop - A successful professional job search strategy is critical to focus on the positions and organizations of interest.  A "quality over quantity approach" assists graduates in feeling motivated in their job search and confident about accepting an offer.  Learn best practice approaches to your job search strategy!

    Career Closet - Need professional attire?  This DU Student Life resource is open to all GSSW students & is located in the Burwell Center for Career Achievement.  Appointments can be made through PCO

    Job Search Guide - A step-by-step outline of a targeted, successful job search.

    Job Search Log -  Initially it's easy to remember where you've applied and what stage you are at with each interview.  Once your job search is in full swing, however, it can get confusing!  Use this job search log to stay organized.

    Cost of Living Calculator - Considering a move during your job search?  The MoneyGeek's Cost of Living Calculator allows you to compare the cost of living expenses so that you can confidently decide on a location & target salary for your search.



  • Interview

    When it comes to a successful interview, practice makes perfect!  Don't wait until you've been invited to meet with the employer of your dreams.  There is a skill to successfully navigating the interview process. Some of you may be interviewing for your field placement and some are jumping into your job search - but all of you need to make sure you've polished up your interview skills.

    Video Resource: Interview Quick Overview & Interview Workshop - Learn strategies for an effective interview that will impress prospective employers. Gain knowledge of different types of interview questions and best practices for answering them.

    GSSW Interview Prep Guide

    Sample Interview Questions 

    Questions for Interviewer

    Interview STAR Method

    BIG Interview GUIDE - Online Interview practice


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    Mock Interviews

    Whether you are planning for your first interview or if you've interviewed numerous times in the past, making sure you prepare, practice and polish you interview is key for success!  There are a number of ways to set up a mock interview:

    -Reach out to your GSSW Career Development Advisor to set up a 1:1 appointment 

    -Set up an appointment through PCO with your Career Development Advisor

    -Utilize the virtual tool, Big Interview.   This tool allows you to learn and practice your interview skills virtually 24/7!


  • Informational Interviews

    Networking gets a bad reputation for being intimidating, awkward, or even worse...fake.  In reality, you are networking every single day and most professionals are flattered if you ask them for their advice! An Informational Interview is a form of networking. A 30-minute phone call, coffee chat, or Skype meeting is meant for you to ask questions and obtain a realistic overview of the position or field of interest.

    Informational Interviews Guide

    Informational Interview Quick Overview





  • Job Boards

    Applying to positions online should be an element of your job search.  Below are a list of job boards that have been helpful to graduates in the past in finding employment; however, when possible graduates are encouraged to apply directly to positions within company career pages when possible.  Therefore, determining your top list of employers is recommended.

    Each state has resources for job lead generation

    • Andrew Hudson's Job List - Premier recruiting site for Colorado companies.
    • CO - Connecting Colorado  - Though not a specific COVID-19 resource, Connecting Colorado is part of a state and county-run system that delivers immediate, tangible results for your future.
    • US - Job Sites by State - Click on this link to see state job sites to explore from around the United States.

    Job Boards most often used to located job leads,

    • PCO- GSSW/DU's main job board website. "Warm" job leads referred by faculty/staff/alumni/connected employers.
    • LinkedIn - 675 million+ members | Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and employment opportunities.
    • Non-profit - A Colorado Non-Profit job board.  Most states have a similar board to find leads within the non-profit sector.
    • Idealist - Idealist connects millions of idealists – people who want to do good – with opportunities for action and collaboration all over the world.
    • USAjobs - The United States Government's website for listing civil service job opportunities with federal agencies.

    Associations are a typical place to network and to located job leads within your industry focus area; determine if your state has a local chapter.

    Trying to determine agencies within your state?  These platforms are designed to assist.

    • Guidestar - A director of non-profit organizations.
    • Buzzfile - A website that displays companies within an industry.
    • Candor - A website that showcases whether or not an agency is hiring/not-hiring/freezing their candidate search.

    Want to explore opportunities within traditional Social Work arenas, but also interested in exploring non-traditional ways to use your skills?  Use this resource to locate career paths & job leads.

    As you determine your job search strategy, some of you may consider temporary or contract projects (within the social work field or by utilizing transferrable skills) for additional income.  Here are a few helpful platforms for finding this type of work.  

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