Map Your Path: Creating Resumes, Cover letters, etc.


  • Cover Letter

    There are a few main reasons why employers will ask for you to submit a cover letter with your application:

    1. They would like to see a sample of your writing to determine if you can write professionally.
    2. They would like to learn a little bit about you and why you have an interest in the position and/or company.

    It is encouraged for you to submit a cover letter with your application/resume when possible, even if they do not explicitly ask for it.  This shows investment and interest in the opportunity!  Just like sending a thank-you's not mandatory, but often appreciated.

    Video Resource: Cover Letter Quick OverviewCover Letters & Professional Communication Workshop - Cover letters are required with MOST applications for positions in social work, and there are specific ways to write them professionally. Learn how to customize your cover letter and truly make it supplement your resume in the strongest way possible.  

    Cover Letter Guide - Resource to assist in writing a professional cover letter 



  • Resume

    While your resume should speak to your design style, there are a few general guidelines that are often used when creating a successful, tailored resume.  The links below will steer you in the right direction.  Don't can attend a Resume Studio, workshop, or individual meeting with your Career Development Advisor throughout the year to have your resume reviewed.  You can also have your resume reviewed by uploading it to Pioneer Careers (PCO), once approved, you will be able to sign up for on-campus interviews and apply to positions through PCO.

    Resume Guide - This resume guide showcases how to create a traditional, chronological resume (the most typical resume format). 

    Video Resource: Resume Quick Overview & Resume for Social Workers workshop. 

    Resume Templates - Use the following resumes for a professional, applicant scanning system-friendly resume.

               Chronological Resume Template - Resume format most typically used for any industry.

               Functional Resume Example - Resume format used in specific situations (i.e. career changers, candidates with large experience gaps, showcasing skills vs paid experience)

                Curriculum Vitae Template - A CV allows for a full history of your academic credentials & experience, so the length of the document is variable (i.e. academic and international settings).

    Writing Strong Bullets

    Electronic Resume - An electronic resume format is appropriate if you are applying online to positions, as they are applicant scanning system-friendly.

     Federal Resumes - Applying for positions within the State or Federal government requires additional information.  This resource assists you in setting up a resume appropriate for these spaces.

    Additional Resources & Online Tools:

     JobScan - Now Jobscan helps hundreds of thousands worldwide by building the best tools to empower job seekers so they can land their dream jobs.  JobScan allows you to scan your resume, cover letter, or profile to see how it compares to a job description, in order to assist with successfully moving through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

     100 Essential Social Work Resume Keywords - article by Tenesha Curtis, LMSW




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