Build Connections: Strategies for Networking


  • Networking

    70-80% of experts state that individuals are in their positions due to networking!  Therefore, it's critical for the longevity and success of your career to infuse networking into your professional workflow.

    Networking Guide

     Review this 3-minute video to learn how to create a networking script, the Elevator Pitch.

    Informational Interviews  - Informational Interviews are an important part of exploring career paths, networking & job search strategies.   Click Here

        -NASW:  What Should I Ask at an Informational Interview? - Article



  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the leading social network for professionals, including Social Workers.

    View this quick overview video to learn how to create a LinkedIn profile, or check out the tip sheets below (created by LinkedIn) to help you develop a professional profile.

    LinkedIn TipSheets - Profile Basics - summarizes best practices for building your profile

    TipSheet- Tailoring Your Profile - Profile Pros - summarizes best practices for building a comprehensive profile

    21+ Essential LinkedIn Profile Tips For Job-Seekers, Novoresume -  Article Resource

     20 Steps to Better LinkedIn Profiles in 2020

    LinkedIn Headers & Summaries
    Critical parts of your LinkedIn Profile include a tailored header and summary for your job search.  For assistance in developing these sections of your profile, utilize the following resources:

    LinkedIn Summary Exercise

    Article with Summary Examples


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