Can I audit a class?

  • GSSW students who are registered for eight credit hours in a quarter may, with the approval of the instructor, audit a course. Approval for auditing privileges is granted only after the formal registration period, only where space is available, when there are no students waitlisted for the course, and at the discretion of the instructor in consultation with the GSSW Registrar. No tuition is charged, no record of the course is made, and studnets DO NOT formally register for the course. 

    Please note: If you audit a class, the class will NOT count towards any graduation requirements.

    1. Email the professor for permission to audit the class.
    2. Send email to
    3. AFTER registration and if there is no one on the waitlist the office of the registrar will confirm with you and the professor you can audit the class.

    Things to think about:

    1. Classes students audit will NOT count towards any graduation requirements
    2. Students cannot participate in the class and then later in the quarter ask to register and then take the class for credit.
    3. If you have not discussed this with your advisor, I suggest reaching out to explain you intend to audit a class and why.

    Auditing privileges are not available for the MSW@DEN online program.

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