Can I take classes after I graduate?

  • Yes, you can take classes the quarter after you graduate. However, there are a few caveats.

    Students cannot take classes unless they are admitted in a program. The quarter you graduate, your program is complete and ends. For example, if you graduate in Spring quarter. Your program completes and ends Spring quarter. Meaning, after the Spring quarter, you are no longer admitted in a program.

    The following are options to take classes the quarter after you graduate.

    1. You can delay graduation a quarter. You would register on our own for the next quarter and let the GSSW registrar know you want to delay graduation a quarter. Email us at with your DU ID. The GSSW registrar will manually move your graduation application to the next quarter.
      1. Regular financial aid and tuition rules apply because you are taking this class under your current program. You will want to check in with financial aid on how this impacts you specifically.
    2. You graduate on time and take classes the next quarter as a Non-Degree seeking student. Please complete the Non-Degree seeking student application for the quarter after you graduate. On the application, you indicate which course number and CRN you want to take. If there is room in the class, the GSSW Registrar manually registers you for this class. Financial aid does not apply to Non-Degree seeking students.

    If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask us! Email us at Don’t forget to include your DU ID.

This portfolio last updated: 29-Nov-2022 5:05 PM