When can I register? When do I receive my time ticket and how do they work?

  • The University of Denver has opted to enforce time-ticketing when students register. This means students have an assigned day and time when registration begins. The purpose of time-tickets is to ensure the system can efficiently manage the numbers of students registering at any given time.

    Your time-ticket will first appear on your student profile during advising week and will remain until the registration period has passed. You will not be able to register without a registration time ticket.

    Time tickets are staggered throughout the registration period to ensure an uninterrupted registration experience. Time tickets are automatically assigned to students based off total credit amount and then random throughout the registration period (Advance Standing students are calculated as if they are Concentration students, to ensure fairness).

    If you do not see a time ticket on your student profile, check that you have selected the correct term. This is the most common error when students do not see a time ticket. If you have selected the proper term and still do not see a time ticket, please email the GSSW office of the registrar at GSSWregistrar@du.edu with a screen shot of your missing time ticket. 

This portfolio last updated: 29-Nov-2022 5:05 PM