How do waitlists work?

  • Q: I need to register for a class that is full. How do I register for this course?

    A: You cannot register for a full course. Registration is closed for a course that has reached the seating capacity. Many courses are offered at multiple times or with different instructors. If the same course is offered at another time that is open and fits your schedule, you may register for it.

    • You can put yourself on the waitlist
      • Being on the waitlist does not guarantee your entry into the class. 
      • Waitlists are prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis. The first student signing up for the waitlist will be offered the first available seat in the section.
    • Always prepare your schedule with alternates for each course that meet at the same time or at times that will not disrupt your entire schedule.

    Q: I am on the waitlist for a course. How do waitlists work?

    A: The Automatic Waitlist process allows for a more proactive approach in the communication and registration of classes.  The waitlist feature offers students a fair and consistent way to enroll in a full class if openings occur.

    Q: How will I know if I got into the class?

    A: Students who attempt to register for a full section may add their names to the waitlist for that section. If a seat in the section becomes available, a notice will be sent to the University of Denver’s recorded preferred email address of the student at the top of the waitlist, who will have 24 hours to log into their MyDU account and add the class.

    The open seat will be reserved solely for the student at the top of the waitlist: no other student may register for the seat during the 24-hour time period. If the student at the top of the waitlist does not add the class within the 24-hour period, they will be removed from the waitlist and the next student on the list will be notified.

    The waitlists will continue to move as space becomes available until Friday at 5:00 pm of the first week of class.  After that time, the waitlists are closed and no more activity occurs.

    Q: How do I look up my position on the waitlist?

    A: You may view your waitlisted classes by viewing your class schedule in MyDU. 

    Q: What happens if I am at the top of the waitlist and do not register for an open seat within the 24 hours of receiving email notification?

    A: A student who is offered an available seat and does not register within the 24-hour window will be dropped from the waitlist and the seat will be offered to the next student on the list. For this reason, students should check their DU preferred email account at least twice each day, especially if they are close to the top of a waitlist.

    Q: What if I sign up for a waitlist and then decide I no longer want/need to take the class?

    A: As a common courtesy to other students, it is expected that students will drop themselves from the waitlists of any sections they no longer plan to take.

    Q: Can I waitlist for class that has a time conflict with another course I am registered for?

    A: Yes. Although you may not register for sections with time conflicts, students may add themselves to waitlists that have time conflicts with other registered or waitlisted sections. If you are notified that a seat is available in the waitlisted section, you must first drop the registered section with a time conflict before adding the waitlisted section.

    Q: Can I waitlist for a class if I am registered in the max credit amount?

    A: Yes. Although you may not register for credits over the max credit amount (18), students may add themselves to waitlists over the max credit amount. If you are notified that a seat is available in the waitlisted section, you must first drop credits to make room for your waitlisted class.  

    Q: If I am on a waitlist and have a registration hold, will I be able to register for the waitlisted class?

    A: No, registration holds must be cleared prior to any registration activity, including waitlist activity. Remember, you only have a 24-hour window to register for a waitlisted class. It is best to resolve a registration hold as soon as possible. Common Registration Holds and How to Clear

    Q: What if I received my notice of an available seat and accidently drop the class, can I get into the waitlisted class? 

    A: As long as you are within the 24-hour window, you may add the class even if you accidently dropped it. 

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