• Securing Your Offer

    GSSW Admissions is here to help you secure your Admissions Offer.  Contact our office if you have questions about: 

    • Deferring
    • Depositing 


    Call us at 303-871-2841 or email gsswadmission@du.edu

    Jenae McCarty


    Jenae McCarty
    Assistant Director of Enrollment

    Phone: 303-871-2540
    Email: Jenae.McCarty@du.edu




    Kaisha McCaffrey


    Kaisha McCaffrey
    Assistant Director of Enrollment 

    Phone: 303-871-7462
    Email: kaisha.mccaffrey@du.edu 



  • Financial Aid

    For questions about financial aid or student loans contact DU Central Financial Aid at finaid@du.edu


    For questions about merit scholarships GSSW Financial Aid has you covered.  Contact Roberto Garcia or Victoria Veres.  

    Roberto Garcia


    Roberto Garcia
    Executive Director of Enrollment

    Phone: 303-871-2602
    Email: Roberto.Garcia@du.edu
    Office: Craig Hall 265




    Victoria Veres


    Victoria Veres
    Associate Director of Enrollment & Financial Aid

    Phone: 303-871-2779
    Email: Victoria.Veres@du.edu
    Office: Craig Hall 263


  • Student Resource Portal

  • The Student Resource Portal is GSSW's internal website for current students.  This is your one-stop-shop for information about your program.  We encourage you to explore the website now, but note that some information in the Resource Portal will NOT apply to you just yet!  



  • Wondering where to begin? 

    We know there's a LOT of information on the Portal.  If you're not sure where to begin we reccomend you check out the Student Resources Tab to learn about student life and the resources and supports available to you at DU.   


  • Communications

  • Email Communications

    Once admitted to GSSW you will begin recieving important communications about your program.  Initially these will go to the email you provided with your admissions materials.  By your first quarter, however, ALL crucial information is sent via email to students' DU email accounts.  If you prefer to work with you personal email you can set up forwarding from this account.  Go to DU IT's website to:


           Learn about Office 365 and email
           Learn how to forward your email


    Have questions about your email? Contact DU IT at 303-871-4700.


  • Other Communications and Communities

    GSSW communicates with students using several platforms.  Additional communcations are listed below.

      • The Weekly Advocate Newsletter (for Denver Campus)
        Highlights professional and engagement opportunities; sent every Tuesday morning (excluding university holidays)

      • The Navigator Newsletter
        Highlights events, tips and more related to your career search

      • Facebook
        Connect to our communities via social media to stay abreast of events and happenings: 

      • Instagram
        Follow @gsswdenver

  • Registration & Field

  • Registration and Field information is unique for each of GSSW's four MSW programs. 

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