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  • Latinx Center

  • The University of Denver Latinx Center (formerly DULCCES, the Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship) was founded in 2005.  DU Latinx Center is a consortium of interdisciplinary faculty dedicated to creating and advancing knowledge that gives voice to the history, politics, cultures and legacies of Latino communities through critical inquiry that incorporates the rich histories of the Latino community.  The Latinx Center promotes a vision rooted in social justice and equity and is an essential participant in a cultural and intellectual process of empowerment and transformation. 

  • What We Do

  • DU's Latinx Center promotes and advances knowledge affecting the Latino community through:

    • Hosting visiting Latino scholars, film makers, poets, performing artists and culture critics;
    • Providing grants that support scholarship and creative works on topics that contribute to the knowledge and experience of the Latino community nationally and internationally;
    • Provide research briefs on areas of policy that affect the Latino community; and
    • Support graduate education for University of Denver Latino students and students engaging in research focused on the Latino issues, concerns, and culture.
  • Visiting Scholar Program

  • In 2015, DULCCES, now known as the DU Latinx Center, established its first Visiting Scholar program. Visiting Scholars are those scholars with a PH.D. or equivalent whose work addresses the history, politics, culture, and legacies of Latino Communities. The Visiting Scholars program is open to outstanding scholars whose research agenda aligns with the mission and values of the Latinx Center.  Visiting Scholars’ work must be original research or underdeveloped research with statewide and national relevancy to Latino communities that results in the creation of programs, curricula, books or other types of projects documenting the Latino experience. In February of 2015 DULCCES/Latinx Center welcomed Colorado lawyer DOLORES S. ATENCIO, as its first Visiting Scholar. She is the national leading expert on Latina lawyers. As Visiting Scholar, her original research project will focus on the historical and legal contributions of Latina lawyers in the United States and Puerto Rico and will produce works to document this legacy.  The Visiting Scholar offices at, and receives support from, DU's Sturm College of Law, the Visiting Scholar's alma mater.

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