• Entry on "The Bystander Effect" 

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  • This is a template for an entry on YouTube video. 

    Left Hand Column
    Column 1

    To embed a video from YouTube in the left hand column, you will need to copy the "embed" code from YouTube. To get the code, do this:

    1. Click "Share" beneath the YouTube video. 
    2. Click "Embed" from the options that pop up. (You may need to be on a computer to access this.)
    3. Highlight and copy the embed code

    Once you have your embed code, click the pencil in the upper right hand of the left column. Then...

    1. Click the "Insert/edit media" button. It looks like this...

    2. Click the embed tab in the pop-up box.
    3. Paste your embed code in the box and click "Ok."

    Right Hand Column
    Column 2

    Delete this text and provide your reflections on the video. You'll want to explain why you've selected the video and what it conveys about denial.

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