• Entry on Phil Ochs' song "Outside a Small Circle of Friends" 

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  • This is a template for an entry on a song from Spotify. To embed Spotify songs, you'll have to do a little work. But it's well worth it. 

    Left Hand Column
    Column 1

    To embed your song from Spotify in the left hand column, you will need to copy the "embed" code from the Spotify application for your computer. To get the code, do this:

    1. In the Spotify application for your computer, place your mouse over the song for which you want the code. Three dots will appear on the right hand side. Click those dots. 
    2. Click "Share >"
    3. Click "Copy  Embed Code.

    Once you have your embed code, click the pencil in the upper right hand of the left column. Then...

    1. Click the "Insert/edit media" button. It looks like this...

    2. Click the embed tab in the pop-up box.
    3. Paste your embed code in the box and click "Ok."

    Right Hand Column
    Column 2

    Delete this text and provide your reflections on the song. It might be useful to include quotes from the lyrics, as you explain why you've selected the song and what it conveys about denial. For instance, in choosing Phil Ochs' song, "Outside a Small Circle of Friends," I would probably describe how the song seems to allude to the case of Kitty Genovese and what it conveys about contemporary bystander behavior. 





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