• 2017 Summit

  • Presenting at the summit

    Congratulations again on your acceptance to this years DURAPS. This year the summit is bigger than even and we are looking forward to seeing all of your amazing and innovative research! We are so thrilled by the number of submissions this year because they span across so many disciplines, topics, and graduate student experiences.

    Your role as a presenter will depend on your submission type. 


    Poster presentations will take place in the morning and then again before the reception. The morning session will be a poster judging session, where you will be asked to answer questions posed by faculty judges (the poster session judging times are subject to change, but will always happen in the morning). The second session will be open to the public and attendees of DURAPS. Both sessions will take place in the Driscoll Ballroom. We will provide easels and foam core, and we do not have restrictions on the size of your poster. We ask that you have your poster set up by 10:00am and that you take your poster down by 6:30pm

    Panel Presentation 

    Student's presenting on panels will have 7 minutes to present their work. You will have access to a projector and audio. Each panel will be assigned a chair who will be responsible for keeping track of time and introducing presenters. 

    In preparing for your poster or panel presentations, we encourage you to attend one of the workshops being hosted by Career Services: 

    • Panel Presentations: Tuesday March 28 12-1 pm, RSVP
    • Poster Presentations: Thursday, March 30 at 12-1 pm, RSVP

    These workshops are an excellent way to ensure that you are prepared for April 7th, as well as any other conferences you plan to attend. Following DURAPS we will be hosting a professional development workshop on turning your conference presentations into publications, so be on the look out for that! 

  • 2017 Summit Resgistration

  • RSVP to the DURAPS Luncheon

    The only event that requires an RSVP is the luncheon, which will take place in the Driscoll Ballroom from around 12-1:15 on April 7th. This event is only open to presenters, volunteers, and invited faculty and administrators. This is an excellent opportunity to network with your colleagues at the summit; plus its free lunch! 

  • Logistics

  • Day of DURAPS Information
    • Registration- Registration is open all day. Please plan to arrive 20 minutes before your poster/panel presentation to allow enough time to register and get set up. If you are on a panel please be in your room 10 minutes before your presentation.
    • Room for panel presentations- TBD but will all be located in the Driscoll Student Center.
    • Room for poster presentations- Driscoll Ballroom
    • PowerPoint/Prezi Presentations- please come with your presentation on a flash drive or on your own computer. AV/tech will be on call should you have any difficulties.
    • Mediators for panels- Every panel will have a chair and many panels will have a chair and a respondent. The chair will be there to help organize the presenters and their PowerPoints. They will also help keep track of time and field audience questions.

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