• Presenters

  • Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez

    Senior Educational Web Developer

    University of Denver

  • Alex McDaniels

    Alex McDaniel
    Educational Training Center
    Metropolitan State University of Denver

  • Allison O'Grady

    Allison O'Grady

    Senior Instructional Support Specialist

    University College, University of Denver

  • Brandon Petersen

    Brandon Petersen

    Microsoft Learning Consultant

  • Chelsie Ruge

    Chelsie Ruge

    Senior Instructional Designer

    University College, University of Denver

  • Debbie Mitchell

    Debbie Mitchell

    Assitant Teaching Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Director, Science and Engineering Learning Center

    University of Denver

  • Deborah Keyek-Franssen

    Associate Vice President for Digital Education and Engagement

    University of Colorado

  • Julie Morris

    Julie Morris

    Teaching Associate Professor

    Department of Biological Sciences

    University of Denver

  • David Lyons

    David Lyons

    Senior Solutions Engineer


  • Kathy Keairns

    Kathy Keairns

    Director of Web-Based Learning

    University of Denver

  • Rich Path

    Rich Path

    Multimedia Developer

    University of Denver

  • Steven Hick

    Steven Hick

    Academic Director, Geographic Information Systems

    Professor of the Practice in GIS in Dept of Geography

  • Taylor Kendal

    Taylor Kendal

    Senior Instructional Designer

    Metropolitan State Univeresity of Denver

  • Steve Sessions

    Adjunct Faculty

    Daniels College of Business

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