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  • Current Research Projects: 

    Ausloos, C., Clark, M., Jang, H., Dari, T., & Litam, S.D. (manuscript in preparation). A Call for Action: School Counselor Competence in Working with Trans Students. The Professional Counselor. 

    Ausloos, C. & Salpietro, L. (in progress). Understanding and supporting gender-expansive graduate students in counselor education: A phenomenological approach. (IRB Submission Stage)

    Ausloos, C. & Salpietro, L. (n.d.). Best practice strategies for counseling gender-expansive youth. ACA: Practice Briefs.

    Ausloos, C. & Rio, J. (20##). Trans People Who Have Offended (IRB Submission Stage)

    Salpietro, L., Clark, M., & Ausloos, C. (20##). Confidential Grief: Counselors and Client Suicide. (IRB Submission Stage)

    Salpietro, L., Ausloos, C., Perez, J., & Watson, C. (20##). Counseling Competencies in Working with Transgender and Gender-Expansive Youth: A Grounded Theory. (Data Collection Stage).

    Bennett, C., Blount, A., Gerlach, J., & Schroeder, K, Ausloos, C.D., Bloom, Z., Goodrich, K.M., Hollenbaugh, M, & Taylor, J. (in progress). Standards for Online Assessment and Research. The Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC).

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