• Undergraduate Courses

  • ECON 1030 – Micro- and Macroeconomics II: Theories and Policies

    (required for BA in Economics and all Business Majors)

    A basic principles course with an analytical emphasis on how markets work and on the process of production and competition.


    ECON 2610 – International Economics

    (required for BA in Economics and International Business Majors)

    This course discusses theories of international economics and surveys international issues such as international trade, international finance, global production, and foreign direct investment.

  • Graduate Course

  • ECON 3900 – Growth, Technology and Economic Policy

    This course seeks to explain how technology and innovation determine growth and development with special emphasis on learning-by-doing, organizational capability, appropriation and spillover effects. The core topics that will be covered include: (1) origins of new technology and its market introduction, (2) the process of technological adoption and advancement, (3) the dissemination of technology and innovations within and across firms, industries and countries, (4) the impacts of technological change, including benefits and costs, on individual and society at large and (5) policy implications to promote innovation and to reduce its negative effects.

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