• Key Components of the CLIMB@DU Program:

    In addition to providing $10,000 living stipends to students, the stipend programs provide a number of learning opportunities during the academic year for students, including:

    • Kick-Off Breakfast, September 
    • Orientation, September
    • Interprofessional Speaker Series
    • Internship Exchange (rural to urban and urban to rural) 
    • Cultural and Linguistic Competency Development through the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Assessment Instrument
    • Regional Networking Events
    • Monthly Cohort Meetings to Discuss IBH and OUD/SUD-Specific Topics and connect as a group
    • HRSA sponsored activities 
    • Program evaluation activities 
    • Course Work
      • CLIMB-OWEP
        • Substance Use Interventions (SW4430)
      • CLIMB@DU  
        • Integrated Health Care Class (SW4401)- Methods/Skills- 3 credits
        • Psychopharamcology (SW4990)- Elective- 1 credit (weekend/Hybrid)
        • Cultural and Linguistic Competency in Integrated Behavioral Health (SW4490)- Values- 3 credits (Canvas-Online-Hybrid)

  • CLIMB@DU Stipend


    The Collaborative Learning and Innovative Educational Models of Behavioral Health at the University of Denver, or CLIMB@DU, program provides $10,000 living stipends for concentration year MSW students at DU who:

    1. Have a field placement in an IBH setting


    2. Who are committed to working in IBH in Colorado or the Four Corners after graduation

    For more information on field placements that meet IBH criteria, please check the CLIMB Internships page. 

  • CLIMB-OWEP Stipend


    The Opioid Workforce Expansion Program (OWEP) program provides $10,000 living stipends to MSW students in concentration year field internships with integrated or inter-professional agencies designed to help meet the behavioral health needs of persons in high need and high demand areas who have, or are at risk for, opioid use disorder (OUD) and other substance use disorders (SUD), including children, adolescents, and transitional age youth.


    For more information on field placements that meet OUD/SUD criteria, please check the CLIMB Internships page

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