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  • Upcoming Research Project: Freedom of Assembly on the Internet

    Soon, I will be completing a research project analyzing the laws governing First Amendment rights on the internet. New technologies like the internet are constantly evolving and laws and policy struggle to keep pace. Currently, there are no laws in the United State governing most First Amendment freedoms in the context of the internet. This project aims to propose effective and practical laws governing the American public's freedom to assemble on the internet by drawing from current European laws and American case law regarding the freedom to assemble in the physical world. 

    To read my research proposal, click below.

    Freedom of Assembly on the Internet, Research Proposal

    Check back here to catch up on the progress of this project!

  • Upcoming Research Project: Systematic Bias in Drug Laws

    I am also starting to collect data for a legal studies research endeavor analyzing the gap between laws as they were intended and laws as they are practiced. This is a socio-legal studies project, and in this field it is widely discussed that there exists a significant gap between laws as they are written and laws as they are practiced. However, my project aims to go a step farther and analyze the ways in which this gap also exists between intent and practice. I will operationalize intent by analyzing Congressional hearings and debates regarding a particular federal statute.

    Specifically, I will be analyzing the inten and practice of federal-level drug laws. These laws are incredibly controversial and, therefore, we heavily debated in Congress before being crafted and passed. Therefore, I will be able to easily conduct a content analysis and compare the intent of these laws and how they are practiced (the latter of which will be unerstood by reading case law). This project applies to my overall theme of mitigating systematic bias because it will allow me to determine if there is a systematic reason that some laws get applied differently than others; can this be attributed to characteristics of the defendants, unique aspects of the cases themselves, or something else entirely?

    To read my research proposal, click below.

     Intent versus Practice in Federal Drug Legislation, Research Proposal

    Check back soon for updates on this project!

  • Research in Progress: Religious Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

    An upcoming research project that I am pursuing outside of my coursework has to do with religious institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and the roles that these institutions play in democratization efforts in these politically unstable states. This project links to my overall theme of pursuing social justice, doing so in a new-to-me, international context. It is important for scholars to understand the characteristics of a country and the institutions therein that contribute to (or detract from) efforts to create and sustain democratic instutions. This project also developed from another form of identity politics, an area in which I have done work in the past. For more information on the work that I have done on this topic, please click here

    I have built an extensive expert survey using the Qualtrics survey platform and ran a pilot data collection round last summer. I hope to run a real round of data collection soon. To see the survey, click here

  • Research in Progress: Morality in Politics

    As mentioned on the "Interdisciplinary Identity" page, I am continuing my research on morality and politics through the next year. The project will become my Political Science Honors Thesis, and I am so excited to expand and strengthen the work that I have already done in this area. For more information on the work that I have done thus far on this project, click here

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