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  • About Me

    My name is Burgandi "Andi" Schlut and I am currently a junior at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. I am majoring in Political Science and Socio-Legal Studies with minors in Writing Practices and Public Policy. Through this combination of disciplines, I have been able to pursue my passion for social justice and conduct extensive research in ares of public policy, sociology, politics, and legal studies. I have participated in several community-engaged courses during my time at the University of Denver, providing me with opportunities to craft important and meaningful research projects with the potential to directly effect mechanisms by which social justice can be achieved. Most of this work, featured on pages throughout this site, has focused around one central theme: pursuing social justice and equality by mitigating the effects of systematic biases.

    I have also had the incredible opportunity to present my research at several conferences in Colorado and across the country. In March of 2017, I presented my research Making Race and Nation, 2.0: Using Research in Moral Psychology to Analyze the Rhetoric of Race Politics in the United States at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois. I then presented the same project at the Pi Sigma Alpha National Undergradute Conference in February of 2018 in Washington, D.C. Finally, in April of 2018, I presented my research #DUToo Takes a Stand: A Sexual Harassment Workshop from a Student Perspective at the DU Women's Conference. 

    Beyond my work in academia, I am also a passionate advocate for and participant in the performing arts. I have been performing in theatre productions since I was only six years old and, through these theatrical experiences, I have received a myria of opportunities to provide edcation in the arts to underprivileged youth in the Denver community. I also currently serve as the President of DU First Edition, the only all-female a cappella group on DU's campus. With DUFE, I have shaped the policies and expectations of a diverse group of empowered and interesting women while maintaing relationships with Undergraduate Student Government, the University, and the other a cappella groups on campus. 

    I also currently serve as the Vice President of Communications and Social Media for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Student Advisory Council; in this role, I act as the primary liaison between the AHSS Marketing Team (a part of the Dean's Office) and the students of AHSS, aiming to articulate the needs of my peers to the faculty and staff within AHSS and create a unified, inclusive, and supportive community within the divison.

    Finally, I am a sixth-generation Colorado native born and raised in Aurora. I am an avid sports fan (Go Broncos!) and I enjoy reading, writing, and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. After graduating, I hope to attend law school and practice criminal law before pursuing a career in politics and public policy with the aim of formalizing many of the changes that I have already begun to conceptualize via my research, coursework, and service. 

    To learn more about me, please click here to review my resume or see my social media links located on the right of this page.  


  • My Public Identity

    I am a citizen who uses the research skills and communications strategies that I have developed through my coursework and employment in attempts to mitigate the effects of systematic bias in my broader communities. The artifacts that I include in this e-Portfolio reflect this public identity, as each was created with the intention of highlighting how systematic racism, sexism, classism, ageism, and/or intelligence-based biases manifest and curtail opportunities for certain people in our community.

    Moreover, in my reflection on this identity and the threads that bind my artifacts together – and to my goals and my sense of self – I realized that intellectual pursuits are perhaps more important to me than some other people. This is not because I obsess over grades, but rather because I believe in the power of research, writing, and awareness-raising to make a difference. Creating this map (below) of the various aspects of my public identity underscores my willingness to learn and adapt to my surroundings in order to flesh out the issues, biases, and prejudices that plague the communities of which I am a part. 

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